Pisces Daily Horoscope for June 3

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Once you’ve achieved stability don’t throw it out the window just because you want an adrenalin rush. The new Gemini moon makes you long for the times where you were focused on spending time with your friends and could go from one love adventure to another. But now things have changed for you, and stability has the consequence of a more predictable life.

Use the energy from this new Gemini moon to sow the seeds of a life with more understanding and dialogue, as well as more fun, which can never go amiss, Pisces.

Don’t get carried away by unfounded illusions and learn to enjoy the simple delights of daily life.

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Your good vibes are coming back at you in the form of good news regarding a scholarship request for studying or a travel visa. Don’t lose faith in what this fabulous gift will bring for you. You could use to plan a new way of leading your life.

Imagining how your destiny could unfold might make you waste your time, however, it will be very important that you investigate as much as you can.

Uranus on a good aspect with regards to your solar energy brings abundance and prosperity into your life. Take all the good and get rid of anything holding you back, or that you don’t want in your life.


Today’s astrological combinations show an excellent day for beauty treatments or small plastic surgery interventions. If you’re looking for a new style or want a haircut, the afternoon will be ideal for this.

A friend who’s well versed in these matters and with very good taste could give you a hand in finding what the best thing for your face is.