Pisces Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You’ve been distracted, placing all of your energy on other matters, perhaps work is consuming all of your attention and you’ve lost track of what really matters right now. Of course you have a life, but your partner fills your days with something nothing else can give you, the comfort of feeling loved and of knowing there’s someone there for you all the time.

If you’re currently mourning a break-up, you’ll receive reproaches from your ex. They’ll point out every single mistake you made and how you neglected their needs.

You’ve paid attention to everything, except that which you took for granted.

The planetary alignments warn of a conflict that’s building up and about to explode. Act fast.

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There’s a lot at stake in the money area. The planetary interactions show that assets or projects which you thought were safe might be at risk.

Watch out for thefts, snatches, or carelessness with your belongings, you’re going through a day in which you could be the target of crooks.

Most of what happens today will be a karmic devolution. If you believe in past lives you could try the Hoponopono technique.

This ancient Hawaiian technique will help you get rid of ancestral patterns which are toxic for you. Its mantra is: “I’m sorry, I love you, forgive me, thank you”. Repeat this mantra often and it’ll have miraculous results on your life.


Common sense will dictate what steps to take if you have a mild ailment. If you’re one of those who avoids the doctor like the plague, you need to stop it, and get it checked out.

The pain or discomfort you feel won’t magically evaporate. There’s a very positive astrological tendency for starting homeopathic treatments, consult a specialist or make an appointment with your GP, but don’t delay.