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What’s said cannot be unsaid, Pisces. Today you’ll say something you’ve been holding in for a long time now. None of what’s going on around you will matter, just this long-awaited declaration of feelings.

There’s no one better than you to receive this affection with kindness and gentleness, someone else might react differently, but you, Pisces, are the kind of person everyone wants to talk to. Your honesty and kindness combined are unbeatable.

Mercury’s visit to the area of your zodiac pertaining to relationships will leave you with an unforgettable gift. You won’t know if you should believe it or not, but the Magic Horoscope suggests you enjoy the moment without worrying about the future, give in to love and to the magic of vibrating at the same frequency as someone else. It doesn’t happen very often, Pisces.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to shine at work. Everyone will be watching how you can do things better than anybody else, and you’ll receive an unbelievable offer that you should accept straight away.

Today might be the beginning of a new phase in your professional life. There won’t be another day like today this week.

Listen to what others have to say, they could guide you in closing a purchase or a deal.

Your guardian angel will lead you down the best paths, Pisces, listen to the sound of your soul and follow the signs. Small feathers, magical words, and numeric sequences will give you a hint that they’re there, with you.


The Magic Horoscope recommends you carry on with the changes that improve your health. Keep looking after your diet, exercising regularly and being more patient with your surroundings. This way you’ll be in a better mood and you’ll avoid friction.

For those born in the third deanery, your vitality will be optimal, if you’ve been suffering from any ailments you’ll recover fully, and you’ll be able to successfully finish any medical treatment you’ve been undergoing.