Pisces Daily Horoscope for August 30

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The astral energies show a somewhat disturbing atmosphere for today. You’ll receive an unexpected visit which, you worry, might cause problems with your loved ones.

It could be the kind of person who likes to spread gossip. Don’t be fooled by sweet words whispered in your ear, they could be spineless people who go around tricking everyone through adulation and lies.

The person you like so much might not notice your presence today, Pisces. They might ignore you or barely acknowledge your presence. It’s nothing personal. Stress and fatigue could be interfering in the relationship’s development.

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It could be that lately, you’ve been trusting fate a bit too much, and this leads to poor planning and to overlook the possibility of failure.

Although you may have been alerted of the negative profile of the matter you’re dealing with, you still wanted to have it your way, and this has its consequences.

From all the signs, Pisces is the most intuitive one, for this reason trusting your hunches can lead to moments of confusion where you’ll overestimate your ability to predict your future in the area of business.

If you’re currently looking for a job, be discreet when attending meetings or appointments. Show a demure demeanor and forget your magical thinking.


If you’re undergoing medical treatment, under no circumstances you should interrupt it.

Right now your healing rate from infectious diseases could be slower than normal. It’s because your regent, Neptune, is opposite several planets in the sign of Virgo. This can cause weakness and fever for Pisces. Those born in the first deanery will be particularly susceptible to this.