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Pisces Daily Horoscope for December 30

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You'll go through some highs and lows regarding your feelings, and you'll feel betrayed, but you should let go a little and be more trusting, at least today.

You know how much they care about you and how much fun you have together when there aren't any storms on the horizon. Once you realize you've been manipulated over the past few days, this shouldn't affect you anymore.

Remember the healing power of being in their arms and open yourself up to your partner again, without holding any grudges.

In the evening, a fun meet up could help you to clear your head and remind you how great life is. Live in the moment and enjoy this excellent company. Wish the year farewell with happiness.

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First thing in the morning there could be an issue at your home that could keep you very busy for many hours between repairs and taking care of the matter.

When people are overcome by jealousy and negative energies directed at them, everything around them often starts to fall apart. Homes can have bad vibes, and the objects within them absorb these. When appliances break, the lights go out, or the pipes explode, these are warning signs that the home is charged with low or negative energies.

If you feel that your home has this issue, you should do a good spring cleaning and throw out all of the old or broken objects around that you no longer use. Try to air the place out and open the space and then cleanse with a good incense. You can ask the Universe to clear and heal your environment, call on it to open the doors of abundance and harmony. Just think, your home is your second body.


Make the most of the day and spend some time cleansing your own energetic field.

We're about to start the new year, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to ring it in free of all negative energy and with harmony in mind and body. There are many ways to do energetic cleanses, however, one of the easiest ways is taking a relaxing bath with sea salt and a few drops of rue, lavender, lemon, and nard.

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