Pisces Daily Horoscope for August 31

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The new moon on your opposite sign will renew your hopes for many matters of the heart. For the Pisces who are in a relationship, you might encounter a lot of activity and movement in your love life.

You might find your partner is going through a moment of great stress or problems and they need your honest and peaceful support.

You might have to tolerate snappy replies, and then listen to apologies from someone very dear to you. There’s a lot going on, and this causes people to lash out, and then regret it.

You know they love you, so you’ll be able to forgive any nasty words.

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If you’re bored with your job or place of work you should start by being grateful for what you have. Whether it’s a lot or a little.

You need to go through a moment of reflection where you can evaluate your financial and professional life, otherwise, you’ll go down a path that can result in losses and bigger problems.

It’s not a good time to decide your financial path. The best thing is to stay still and make sure that each step is taken on solid ground.

Today’s lucky number for Pisces is 47. This number reminds you that you have incalculable wealth within you. You have a lot to offer to those around you and to your society.


Pisces, you need to rest. The sky shows Mercury and Mars in opposition to the Sun and your regent, Neptune. Nervous irritation and disruptive energy could disturb your sleep, making it agitated, interrupted or scarce.

It’s the perfect day to regain strength, look after your body, take a hot bath with lavender or verbena essential oils.