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The moon is on Aquarius and it shows you a more carefree way of living life. The good thing is that you’re not forcing it, trying to come to terms with it, but rather naturally craving that freedom for yourself and for everyone around you.

That desire for freedom can get you into trouble, your partner won’t know what’s taken over you. They’re used to a greater codependence and this new attitude brings out fears regarding your relationship which you didn’t know they had.

The planetary alignment favours meetings in clubs or associations and celebrations with friends or relatives. If you’ve been invited to a party, don’t miss it, you’ll have a great time.

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If this afternoon you come into contact with people from work, listen intently and don’t talk. You know a restructuring is underway and you shouldn’t talk ahead of yourself or you might cause a problem.

Avoid criticism and gossip, even if what you’re saying is true, it will only hurt your image, and this might make you lose some opportunities within the company.

Don’t get carried away by that atmosphere of confidentiality some people create, it’s only a ruse, their only objective is to get information from you to use it at a later time.


Your energy will be generally good, but you must be mindful of the signals your body is sending you. It’s no good to ignore the symptoms. There’s lots of signals, such as the state, smell, colour and frequency of your urination. As well as the shape, colour and texture of your fingernails, which can indicate hormonal imbalances.

If you’ve noticed something odd in the past few days, start paying attention and consult your GP.