Pisces Daily Horoscope for April 4

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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Your relationships are positively impacted by a very pleasant vitality and spontaneity. It seems that everywhere you go everything flourishes. This attracts very positive situations with friends and, for the single Pisces, suitors.

Passion and joy for life are two of the gifts of life you’ll be able to enjoy today. Your relationships are improved by your good disposition and willingness to talk over past issues.

If you’ve been holding a grudge, today is the day to forgive and forget those who have offended you. It is for your own good, as much as for the other person’s.

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Luck is on your side and you could put it to the test by gambling a bit. Today’s lucky numbers are 13 and 11. Two very powerful numbers. Both indicate a journey of change and recreation of everything that is outdated, that has become obsolete and that is holding you back.

Don’t forget about the commitment you made a few days ago. If you invest in your profession now, you’ll reap the rewards in the future. If you feel you don’t have the strength and can’t focus on your objectives, as for help from a spiritual guide you feel connected to. It could be Archangel Michael, protector against evil energies that diffuse your focus.


The planetary alignments show your skin’s health and appearance will be delicate these days. You might have to deal with acne, which you thought was a thing of the past. Blackheads are very annoying and can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. You’ll have to watch what you eat and use a special face wash to help clear your skin again.