Pisces Daily Horoscope for July 4

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Explore your deepest feelings, acknowledge the nobility of your heart. Which sometimes you’re afraid to show because you fear being tricked or misunderstood.

Trust your instincts, this afternoon you’ll have a premonition, a feeling of absolute certainty regarding a situation that might turn dangerous in your love life.

You’ll need your partner with you tonight, you’ll need their protection and love. You’d like to have the gift of telepathy to get what you need without having to utter a word. But that isn’t always possible, Pisces. In fact, sometimes you feel you’re not loved because you don’t say what you need. Your partner isn’t clairvoyant, and needs you to express your needs and desires clearly.

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You’re willing to keep up your hectic working rhythm, so long as you know you’ll get it back in your paycheck. You might have doubts about your position, and you’ll be inclined to allow certain situations which won’t be entirely pleasant. Try to find out the conditions for your provision of services, and what the law establishes.

Today’s lucky number for Pisces is 12. This is a number that reminds you of the importance of full cycles, of finishing what you start. This is a sacred number which is used to measure the matter of the sky and the planets, and which reminds you of the importance of caution and patience.


If your body has started showing the signs of and increasing body fat percentage around the waist, then it’s time to start moving it a bit more. No one likes looking like that in the mirror, but the worst part isn’t how you look, but the fact that fat also accumulates in your organs, and this is very bad for your health in general. It’s not just about love handles. You’ll have to stop overeating and eliminate saturated fats from your diet.