Pisces Daily Horoscope for June 4

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Talking too much might get you in trouble with your partner. Hold your tongue today, Mercury’s presence very close to the moon has a very bad effect on those born under Pisces, in terms of expressing your feelings or trying to put feelings into words.

You shouldn’t pay much attention or give too much importance to what you’re told. It will be a confusing and ambivalent day.

You feel one thing but say another and damage your image, as you’re potentially not only offending people with what you’re saying, but also, since it’s not really the way you feel, it makes you seem like a liar.

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You’ll have the horrible feeling of having the evil leprechaun against you.

Your matters were going very well right up until now. Confusion takes over and you could potentially lose a client or a job opportunity you already had in your grasp.

Try to keep a low profile during the day. This is particularly important for those born in the third deanery who will be more influenced by these negative planetary configurations.

If you feel that bad luck if following you around look for some relief with a sortilege or a talisman. An elephant to represent god Ganesha will protect you from all negativity whilst attracting abundance. You can find them made out of fabric, ivory, smaller, bigger, the important thing is for the trunk to be pointing upwards.


With such a day it’ll be hard to get to the night without a headache or feeling exhausted. If you’re very fatigued or overwhelmed, take a hot shower and have a linden and lavender infusion to help you relax and to wash off any bad energy that could be floating around you.