Pisces Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You might feel that happiness is something that’s currently missing from your life. But your perception of reality is currently distorted and you’re going around with a dark cloud over you. You have a lot to do letting go of grudges, painful memories and other feelings which are holding you back.

The influence of Pluto and the Southern Node will help you in regaining your optimism and happiness.

Look for a moment of intimacy and you’ll connect with another aspect of your relationship.

If you’re single you’ll have a strong desire to reconnect with an old flame, but if you’re not going to wholeheartedly commit to rebuilding that relationship, you shouldn’t even bother calling, you’ll end up muddled up, and that’s no good for you right now.

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It’s the perfect time to look for a new course or training to increase your professional skills set. Perhaps you’re tired of doing the same old thing.

There’s a great movement of planets on the beginnings zone, which is the cardinal points one, propelling the concretion of a new professional path for Pisces.

You’ll have great energetic inspiration to connect with and identify your spiritual vocation. Wasting this moment would only make you go backwards.

Remember how hard it was for you to find your calling and free yourself from social labels and from the agenda others had for you.

Let go of all that baggage today and embrace your true professional identity.


Your encounter with your inner self can be a relief, but before you can feel relieved of a heavy weight, you’ll probably feel terrible. You might want to cry, or feel angry at those you think limited you during your childhood. Don’t worry, soon you’ll feel much better.