Pisces Daily Horoscope for September 4

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Your current relationship, or the one you’re trying to revive in your mind, isn’t the best thing for this phase in your life.

You might need to put it in the freezer for a bit and wait before turning your life upside down. Changes right now might be the result of a moment of anger which doesn’t allow you to think clearly. Even if you’re about to go out to look for that person from the past, you have to restrain yourself and think if it isn’t just melancholy and loneliness which are pushing you to feel that way, or if it is true love which is worth saving.

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You’re letting opportunities pass you by because you’re mind is all over the place.

You might be a bit negative during the day. Today things won’t go according to plan and this will make you sad and uneasy. Your negative state of mind attracts all sorts of problems. You’re struggling to focus, which will get in the way of you solving any potential problems which might arise during the day.

Seeking refuge in your fantasies won’t help, Pisces. Face life head-on and trust in your ability to solve problems. You’re a lot smarter than you think.

Today’s lucky number for Pisces is 49. This number reminds you that you’re capable of transforming your life when you behave with self-discipline and order. The Magic Horoscope suggests you steer clear of negative people to focus all of your energy on your personal development.


If you refuse to accept that you have a problem or ignore it, that doesn’t make the problem go away, you already know this. Denial isn’t the solution.

Facing your reality will hurt less than letting those symptoms escalate into a full-blown illness. Consult with a specialist.