Pisces Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The moon is exiting the passionate house of Aries, but not without first giving you a gift, your material, and physical area, you’ll be spurred to enjoy your own body and your ability to expand the way you experience love. There are many more ways of experiencing love than you think. You can always find new ways to show your feelings.

Don’t stop communicating with each other in order to clear up any silly misunderstandings which could potentially topple your relationship. Negotiations will be easier in the evening. Enjoy a pleasant dinner and chat over dessert.


Whatever you do this Friday will be blessed by the stars. You’ll be happy to learn Mercury is no longer in retrograde, and for this reason, all communications and financial transactions will flow freely and unimpeded. After a month of delays you’ll finally finish your week with all your business in order and all your tasks ticked off.

If you fancy a short trip, you should research the transportation and lodging costs. Planning the route and finding out the attraction points to visit is very nice. Don’t be afraid, you can take on the costs without straining your budget, if you save a bit on other things. Think carefully about what you could do without, and be on the lookout for offers and promotions before you purchase anything.


Being aware of what you’re eating and how much added salt it has is essential,