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It's such an unpleasant experience having to deal with problems with the inlaws.

Someone that you've trusted 100% will take advantage of your good treatment and trust, and they'll start talking bad about you behind your back.

Even if you wanted vengeance, this isn't your way. Wait with your usual patience since the Universe will take care of this. Bad karma is real even though a lot of people think that they can get away with murder in life. You'll hear about how these malicious people get what they deserve in the end.

Try to look for peace in honest relationships. More than what you'd expect from a friend.

Children ask for help. You'll be there and turn out to be the hero of the day.

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Have you noticed that you're low on money? Be extra careful with your credit card pins since you could be the victim of a scam or internet theft. This won't be the end of the world, but you could save yourself the trouble if you made sure to change your passwords more frequently.

You need to pay more attention at work during the afternoon since your concentration will be jeopardized by emotional exhaustion. Don't worry; it will be over soon.


It hurts when someone betrays your trust. This creates a feeling of discomfort that can't be expressed with words. A hint of sadness, a little bit of rage, nausea, a headache -like someone punched you in the chest. This signals the entrance of illness in your energetic system.

All of the body's chakras get mixed up, and then your energy can't flow correctly.

So, use this easy spell. All you have to do is find a silver object or a quartz stone and after submerging it in salt water, put it on the area of your body where you're experiencing the most pain or tension.

Remember that you have seven power centers that you need to balance through breathing and intention.