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If you want to go too fast in your relationship, you could scare your partner. Keep in mind that friends may advise you in the opposite direction to the one you want. Instead of feeling annoyed about it, use your intelligence to show how wrong they are.

Meet your friends today and give your partner some free time. It is really a good strategy to give your partner some space. 

You might get the opposite reaction to the usual one. It can't always be you, Pisces, the one who manifests more desire to meet and spend time together.

To strengthen the affective bond with your partner you can light musk incense that attracts passion and love.

If you're a single Pisces, today is a perfect day to meet new people that you might like a lot: at night you'll be endowed with a strong sensual magnetism. You will shine wherever you go.

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You could dedicate your morning to tidy your wardrobe. Check if you have things that you don't use anymore

In this case, you could donate these clothes or see if you would like to use any again. Don't forget that everything you don't use, blocks your energy and holds back your economy flow. 

Look for the place in your city where you can take what takes up space in your life and has no use to sell. Although if you feel like it, you could make a garage sale in your home and be the one who puts a price on the stuff you don't use.

Whatever you do, you'll feel good getting money from things you don't need. 


If you drink too much, it will take the toll on you the next day. 

Think about whether it's too much for you not to rest enough and drink alcohol with no control whatsoever. 

Having a drink is fine, but if you drink more than one, you will regret it the next morning. Your liver will ask for more rest than the one you want to give it. Take care of yourself, Pisces.