Pisces Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Venus on a water sign makes you experience your emotions in a more tender and heightened way than before. You’ll possess a special charisma which will dazzle everyone around you. This is a good feeling for you, as you’re coming from a period where you’ve felt like the “ugly duckling” of the story.

Allow yourself to feel like a movie star, during the night you’ll enjoy being the centre of attention, shining bright because of your beauty and your sexy style. You won’t always have a chance to show this side of you so freely. It’s a special occasion. Seize the chance to enjoy yourself.

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It seems luck is on your side today. Luck is your middle name! Take what destiny has to offer and don’t miss the opportunity. Whenever you’re asked to help out, you always do, and people value this, Pisces. Don’t think that what you give doesn’t make its way back to you somehow. You’ll receive the gifts the Universe has in store for you.

Today’s lucky number for Pisces is 21. In the Tarot of Marseilles it is the major arcanum called The World, and it represents all the favours that life can offer a person. Professional success, good physical health and family and romantic love. The world shows you when to reap the fruit of your work. And that time is now.


You’ll feel great, as you’ve recovered from some ailments that had been bothering you for a while. The good vibes you feel around you give you an extra dose of wellbeing.