Pisces Daily Horoscope for June 5

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Today your family will consume any spare time you have. You had thought about having a romantic encounter and you’ll have to keep waiting, as you won’t have time for it.

A problem with an elderly person will keep you on check most of the day, and then your duties won’t leave any wiggle room for anything else. It’s unfair, as you’re a bit tired of life being all about work and duty. You need to make some space for you. You feel time is flying by and you wish your days had 36 hours in them.

Even if you’re irritated, don’t vent your frustrations on your loved ones, you know that, whenever you do something like that, you feel awful and riddled with guilt afterwards.

The best thing is to look past any vexation you might feel and understand the other person’s weaknesses.

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You might find yourself admiting that the way you’ve made money the past few years is becoming obsolete. That much of what you’re used to will cease to exist over the next couple of years, so it’s time to get up to date. New technologies are rendering many jobs obsolete, so it’s important to learn new trades.

It’s not urgent, but it’s something that’s making you uneasy, and even if it doesn’t keep you up at night, it makes you ponder for hours, trying to get a clearer picture of the future.

Chin up, and start looking up courses you could take over the next few months.


Everything related to breathing and your lungs will be complicated today, due to the astrological movements. If you feel any persistent discomfort when breathing, consult a doctor.

Even if it isn’t something serious, and it could be just a muscle spasm or an allergy, think about how important air is for life, oxygen is primordial.