Pisces Daily Horoscope for May 5

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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You’ll be the most blessed of all signs today, the planets are really well positioned in relation to your solar position. You’ll be able to enjoy a day of love and pleasant sensations. The only problem could be if you get carried away by an exaggerated feeling. Your perception of yourself and of the things that happen throughout the day could be distorted by your hypersensitivity.

You might see more beauty around you than there really is, or take offence over nothing, you might fall head over heels for someone you’ve just met or you’ll want to break up with your partner over a wrong word.

In whichever way this hypersensitivity manifests, which is brought on by the relation between Jupiter and Mars, try to remember to leave life changing decisions for later. Today is not a good day for radical changes, but it is a day for enjoyment.

Love will be at your feet all day long.

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Laziness will probably win the battle. And that might just be the best thing for this Sunday. If you have any obligations that can’t wait, you’ll struggle to carry them out, but eventually, you’ll do it.

Ask your higher self for help to find the strength and focus you need.


You matter. Your health is good as your body tends to respond positively to your taking care of it.

Don’t stop taking care of yourself. Prolonged bad habits are detrimental to your health. Don’t be self-destructive. Whether it’s a chemical or psychological addiction is irrelevant, it will still wreak havoc on you if you keep it up.

Therefore, if you’re struggling with addiction and can’t break out of it, you should seek professional help.