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The sun together with the North Node on a water sign compatible with yours will illuminate you so you can achieve your heart’s desires. Connecting with your feelings isn’t easy. When you dive into the noise of other people’s thoughts you suffer from the influence they exercise over their wishes and thoughts about you. At times it will be positive and at times negative, but either way those thoughts do not belong to you and you need to learn to shield yourself from that foreign energy.

People born under Pisces usually don’t know the underlying motive behind their actions, and this is simply because they’re like sponges, absorbing the movement around them.

Look for a quiet space and evaluate the motives behind your behaviour to determine whether they’re genuine and your own. Listen to your heart.

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Your intuition is clear and unequivocal, Pisces. If you have the time and opportunity to rest this Sunday, remember to make some time to organize your schedule for the upcoming week.

If you organize your time well, you’ll be more efficient at work.

You might take off professionally thanks to new ideas you’ll get. But in order for this to happen, you need to dispel any tension. Stress never leads to good decision-making, quite the opposite in fact.

Today’s lucky number for Pisces is 18. This multiple of 3 wants you to know that nothing good comes to those who are submerged in confusion, for this reason, you need to exercise your ability to focus and organize your actions efficiently. Don’t waste your time digging up the past.


Today you’ll be in good health. Enjoy your body and wellbeing. Talk a walk to clear your mind and nurture your soul. You could go outside, have a drink at a bar or go to an art exhibition. Being out and about alleviates stress and awakens your imagination.