Pisces Daily Horoscope for April 8

Your Horoscope for Monday
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You’ll be caught off guard by a spontaneous confession from someone who’ll share their feelings with you, don’t be indifferent to them, if you react appropriately a new sentimental path will open up in front of you. If you feel the same way they do, you’ll have to get over your fears and tell them, so you can begin a new romance.

The best way to find love is to open up to the person you’ve fallen in love with. I’ve you’ve been having issues in your relationship, let go of your grudges and your pride and try to patch things up.

If you think your relationship is broken beyond repair, stop going around in circles and just free both of you from it.

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This Monday will be inspiring for Pisces. You might launch a start-up. The stars’ influence fills you with new ideas and leads you to serendipitous situations from which you or someone close to you might greatly profit.

If those around you are doing well, then you’re doing well. This is the Pisces mindframe, which will be reflected today. You’ll profit from making business with a friend.

The astral influences will be great for those born under Pisces and you should run as much errands as you can today, to take advantage of it. Those born in the last 10 days of Pisces will be the most favoured.


If you feel your energy is low, don’t push yourself too much. If you’re currently undergoing medical treatment, don’t forget to take your medicine in a timely manner. Today is not the day to make changes like that. You could worsen your health noticeably if you did.

unless they’re qualified physicians.