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Today you will manage to find the moment to talk and clear your fears about what that person you are so interested in feels, about fidelity and monogamy.

You are always so naive, Pisces, and you believe in fairy tales, which makes you feel disappointed usually.

Magic Horoscope warns you about the possibility of light lies and tricks. You can let them pass once, but if they are constant and daily, you run the risk of being tricked on some other more important issue. 

This type of lies that try to maintain an apparent peace, they can be harmful to you in the long run, Pisces. Do not allow them.  

Speak out your truths.

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Every day you show a better quality in what you do and yo can appreciate the return of your efforts in the small successes that you reap every day

In spite of all the good things, some days, the routine puts your vital energy to zero. Use the tools you have to use your imagination and creativity in your day to day life. Ask your colleagues to help you figure out how to reverse this situation.

You could take small breaks throughout the day, so music and a bit of movement revitalize you. Improving your work mood will increase your performance and your earnings.


Your current mood lowers your defenses, so you could catch flu or an allergy that diminishes your desires and your energy flow.

Check your skin and check if you are suffering from hives, spots or dermatitis. If you think about it, you will see that it is the result of a very bad state of nervousness and anxiety for you.

Release your anguish, cry if you need to and don't forget to forgive your faults and weaknesses.