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The way in which the planets are arranged on your sky today is very favourable. It’s a good day to take steps towards commitment and to clearly and openly show how you feel. You’ll attract that person who’s stolen your heart with their eyes.

Today you’ll feel you’re worth more than you thought, and that will give you the strength to go after what you want in terms of relationships.

If you’re single, today will be a rather romantic day. Perhaps you’re not that into this person, but they’ll still make you feel special.

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An old problem from the past might resurface today. Any decisions you make today could create solutions which will save you from a big problem in the long run. Financial loose ends are never a good thing.

The search for a new financial or professional path requires you to have all of your matters in order. Starting with a clean slate is very important in order to be successful.

If you’re looking for a job, there’s good planetary aspects to secure a position which will be great for you.

If you want, you could get yourself a lucky charm. Don’t forget about the power of gemstones. Pyrite is a gemstone with great power to attract material and financial abundance to the holder.


Be careful with what you eat, and with the level of food hygiene of the place where you’re eating, as you’re astrologically prone to food poisoning. Some illnesses caused by poor hygiene of fruit and vegetables could land you in bed for a couple of weeks, feeling absolutely dreadful.