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Starting fights and arguments isn't the best way to kick off the weekend. Past situations that you disagree with aren't going to disappear try as you might to take them on with your partner.

Trying to get back at them for your suffering isn't doing your relationship any favors. If you insist on this verbal abuse you might lose everything that you have.

Are you sure you want to keep moving in this direction? Don't let resentment and rage get the best of you.

Today isn't a good day to start fights since the Moon in a fire sign will affect your emotions.

People around you today will be more sensitive and irritable than usual. That's why, Pisces, you should appeal to your soft and loving side. Get in touch with the beautiful things in life, be thankful and enjoy your Saturday.

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Focus your attention on matters that you want to repair and improve and leave behind negative thoughts.

There will always be people that have a better job, more money, or a better professional reputation than you. But, this shouldn't matter so much to you.

The important thing is that you should be independent and keep moving forward step by step. Wherever you put in the most effort is where you'll grow most in life. And a lot of times you've put more value on emotional matters than material ones.

There's nothing wrong with that. It's simply your essence. Your sensitive soul fights harder for love than for money.


You feel overloaded on an emotional or mental level, and it makes sense after all of the time that's passed. Bad thoughts and worries will drain you this week.

Your thymus gland will help to protect you from your low energy state. Tap your sternum lightly with your fingers for a minute every day and this will stimulate this gland.