Pisces Daily Horoscope for June 9

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Every time you felt sad or lonely the Universe took care of placing in front of you someone or something to rescue you and show you that everything happens for a reason, even those things which seem negative at first.

Therefore, Pisces, don’t cry over the loss of what you no longer want. The moon is on Virgo and this is a position which invites you to get rid of that which is no longer useful. Many of the feelings you have no longer represent who you are, Pisces. You’ve changed, you have other priorities and it’s about listening to them to evolve.

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You’ll receive great news today. You’ll find a message that has been sitting in your inbox for days.

You need to tidy up your desk and put your documents in order. Don’t leave this task for later, now’s the time. You’ve got time and you’ll be able to find something you’ve been looking for for days.

Having a mess causes you to waste a lot of time, so you should make the most of the planetary alignments which favour discipline and cleanliness to select and keep in an orderly manner all that’s out of place.

It’s a good way to start the week, organising things and feeling the relief that tidiness brings into your life.


If you go out for a walk you’ll tone your feet and ankles and this will bring relief for some discomforts that you’ve been feeling for a few days now. It’s nothing serious, but discomfort in your feet drains your energy, which you need for other things.

You can also have a foot bath with medicinal herbs and sea salts. It’s inexpensive and very beneficial.