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Surely you've heard that we're like transmitting antennas since we send waves to the Universe depending on the frequency of our thoughts. Then, these waves come back to us and bring us the equivalent of the vibes that we sent out before.

This means, every time we feel good, without realizing it, we're creating more good things. However, if we're feeling down, we attract endless negativity. 

Keeping this in mind, we can build our own realities based on our desires.

Why don't you try this for a few days? Let yourself be surprised by the magic of the Universe and start to create your own destiny.

If you are in a relationship, you need to understand that there are bad times that stretch out and seem endless.

You may be going through one of these times right now, so you have to decide: to be patient and help them along their path, or go free and let them sink alone. 


If you're single, you may be starting to get caught up in a fling that's got you trapped.

Dreaming isn't a bad thing, as long as you keep your feet on the ground and avoid giving your heart away so easily.


Try to clear your mind and focus all of your thoughts on what you want to achieve.

Try to keep your eyes on the prize, and don't forget about your goals for even a second.

Repeat this two or three times a day, and you'll see how your life will change entirely in a couple of weeks.


If you find that it's hard for you to keep your eyes open during the day, and that you have to drag yourself through, maybe you should start drinking just a bit more coffee daily.

You just have to avoid going overboard and find just the right amount to keep up your energy levels.

If you're one of those Pisces that detests coffee, a vitamin supplement to complement -never replace- your diet would be perfect for you.