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Pisces Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Wednesday 21st February by Magic Horoscope

Your Complete Forecast for Today, Wednesday
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Try spending a few more hours every day with your partner, it will help you to better understand their feelings.

You tend to do everything that people tell you to without asking for anything in exchange, and you almost never ask them questions. Today, you’ll realize that in romantic relationships, you need to know the motives of the person asking for the favor.

It’s possible that you may even discover a whole new side of the person that you share your life with and you’ll be moved by this “hidden side” of your partner.



You won’t feel the need to spend. As strange as it may seem, and especially for you, today, you’ll try to get by without wasting the cash that you’ve got in your wallet.

You want to save as much as you can so that you can enjoy the special plan that you have in mind for next weekend and you’re willing to do anything to make this happen.

It seems like you’ve learned that money isn’t as important as you thought and that some of your ‘basic’ needs aren’t even that critical. You can find alternatives and start living a new lifestyle.

This is a big accomplishment coming from you, Pisces, and even more so, since the state of your checking account is quite enviable.


You’re not weak at all, even though at times, you like to play the victim. You like to take advantage of those days when you’re recovering from an incident to get all of the care and attention that you can, from the people around you.

You complain, but it’s just a strategy to make others think that you’re more fragile than you are, in order to get more special treatment.

Don’t go overboard with your requests, you know that you’re not really hurting that badly and you could really be interfering with everyone’s day.

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