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Pisces Magic Horoscope for 26th February

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You’ll want the whole world to know how much you love that special someone and social media will seem like the perfect place to shout it from the rooftops. The time has come for everyone to know that you’re in a serious long-term relationship.

You’ll feel like freezing some of your most important moments with your partner in time and then you’ll want to share them with others. You’re in the mood to share your feelings with the world.



Spending money when you’ve got it doesn’t bother you. You know that sometimes you give in and end up buying things that end up buried in a drawer somewhere, but you do it anyways.

You might acquire an important piece for your collection. You don’t see materialism as something negative, but instead as a way of enjoying life to the fullest. Pisces will show off its ostentatious side today, but it will have to take care and think about the future.

Good phases are always counterbalanced, and everything that goes up must come down. Especially when it comes to the numbers you see in your bank account.


There are so many people around you that care about you a lot; don’t underestimate their help. Even the kindest and most altruistic sign of the zodiac can sometimes be big-headed.

Your family is worried about your wellbeing after yesterday’s incident. Today will be painful and if you want to get better, you’ll have to let them take care of you.

You’ll have to listen to them. Pay attention to their advice and of course, follow the instructions that they give to you. Your health is important, but because you’re afraid that you’ll have something worse than what you actually have, you tend to ignore it.

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