Pisces Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Monday 2nd April by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Monday
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With April’s arrival, Pisces will be faced with a series of unsettling circumstances in love’s realm. To your surprise, you may find that your partner wants to have a talk, and tells you that you need to spend more time together.

And you thought that you were already bringing enough to the table. The fact is that with your history, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. You may be partially responsible for this, and you’ve set the expectations at the clouds with all of the gestures that you showed them before.

Your actions could cause a heated discussion. Fortunately, after the storm, the calmness always returns.


It seems that you’ve got a river of possibilities, and all you’ve got to do is reach up and grab them. Pisces like you take pleasure in these things, like seeing how money flows through their hands as if it were water.

Today you’ll keep insisting on meeting your goal of increasing the balance of your accounts. You should go over the best options that there are for your checking account as well.

The savings account plan is a good idea, but you dream of something even bigger. On this journey, you may find yourself in a totally unexpected place making a large purchase.


Monday is always a good day to start participating in some sort of sporting activity. It’s as if everything could come together at the beginning of the week, and even more so since it’s the start of the month as well. The timing couldn’t be better.

They say that this day specifically, is good a good day to start new resolutions. Time and again you’ve tried to get in shape without success and now you’re back at it again.

Your body will be better prepared to take on this challenge if your mind knows that the timing is right. However long this new challenge lasts, try to take advantage of this phase as much as you can. A little bit of movement is always good for you.