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Pisces Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Monday 23rd July

Full Prediction for Today, Monday
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If you live your life burdened by a past relationship, you're likely to fall into the same old patterns, once again.

We make mistakes to learn from them, not to obsess over them and keep mulling over them for our entire lives.

Take this as a life lesson, use this to start having a better attitude when it comes to all of the wonderful things that await you.


You have to learn to be less dramatic and more objective.

In the end, there are situations that are meant to put us to the test. These things are really gifts in disguise.

Try to see beyond first impressions since appearances can be deceiving more often than you might think.


If you're in a relationship, you may go through a small crisis.

If you try to row in the same direction instead of fighting to see who's right, this will just be a bump in the road.


If you're single, today you'll be in a better mood than you've been in for the past few days.

And you and everyone else that you cross paths with will notice this.

Use this as a weapon to achieve everything that you've been fighting for, but that you just can't seem to reach.



If you've been thinking that you don't feel passionate about what you do for a while now, maybe the time has come to consider making a change in your life.

Of course, no one likes following someone else's orders at work, but it takes a lot of willpower and eagerness if you want to be your own boss.

Even so, nothing is impossible, and it's always best to get up and fight for your dreams instead of watching others reach their own.


Constantly stimulating your brain helps to keep your cognitive abilities from deteriorating and prevents diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia from developing.

So it's time to get your social life back and learn to enjoy life.


Buy a book that you've been wanting to read for a long time, read magazines and newspapers, find a new hobby, do crossword puzzles or sudokus in your free time...

Use your imagination and do everything that you think of that excites you!