Full Horoscope for Pisces for This Coming Wednesday 4th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Wednesday
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Your ability to let your imagination soar leads you to relationships that may seem self-destructive. Or, in other words, these relationships may seem to have an expiration date.

You know people that seem to coincide with the vision that you have in mind. But in reality, this has nothing to do with what joy they’d bring you in your everyday life. For that reason, single Pisces may have a particularly hard time finding their other half.

You think that you can change these people with your gentle ways, but in the end, exactly the opposite ends up happening. Don’t let these experiences have a negative impact on you emotionally, Pisces.


Your desire for this Friday to get here already will be more obvious than ever today since you thought the weekend was just around the corner. There are still a few days left until you can enjoy this much-deserved break that you’ve been so anxious about. Your impatience may lead you to begin planning all of the activities that you can do once it finally arrives.

Lately, things at work have become more complicated than they should be, and your mind is begging you for a break where you can do the things that you really enjoy in life. Be careful, because there’s a high likelihood that your agenda may soon be filled by new commitments.


The feeling of being bogged down by more tasks than you should be will follow you home after work. You’ll have difficulty sleeping because you won’t be able to stop thinking about everything that’s happening in your workplace.

If you still feel on edge before you go to bed, nip this in the bud with a relaxing herbal tea. Things get more complicated when we don’t have the energy that we need to face the day, and this is what’s becoming a problem for you.