Pisces Forecast for Sunday 29th April by Magic Horoscope

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Sometimes it seems like instead of showing your partner how attracted you are to them, you pressure them. This characteristic of yours isn’t very likable, Pisces. Sometimes you can be a little bit annoying and cheesy.

This doesn’t mean that you have to hide your feelings or repress your actions, because there’s a reason that you’re the most romantic sign of the zodiac. However, you should consider toning it down a notch when it comes to expressing yourself romantically.

As much as this person may tell you that it’s enough, you don’t stop until you reach the goal that you’d envisioned. A relationship is a democracy, Pisces, not a dictatorship.


The position of the cosmos reveals a sudden change in your finances. Whether this change is positive or negative all depends on you. Money has always been a somewhat controversial thing for you because you love to spend it.

However, it seems like you love spending it, but not managing how you spend it. You fall into the trap of treating yourself to unnecessary pleasures without realizing how much this puts your finances in jeopardy.

¿ Have you taken a look at your savings account or credit card balance lately? You might be in for a surprise. On a day where certain decisions can make a real difference, veering one centimeter in the wrong direction could send everything tumbling to the ground.


Now that the weather has stabilized with the changing seasons, your body has been responding much better over the last few weeks.

This is a great time to start making lifestyle changes. You’ve been checking out all of the latest health trends over the past few days, and there are a few that you’d like to put into practice.

Why don’t you give it a try? You might find it entertaining to try out different things and see which ones work and which don’t. This temple that is your body, isn’t always willing to go above in beyond in this way.