Pisces Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



If they ever cheated on you, you wouldn’t know how to react. Probably you’d try to save your pride and hide your pain, but really the desire to seek revenge would start growing within you.

Your bad temper would shine through unavoidably if you ever thought that something awful was happening behind your back. You should make sure that this hunch is true, and try to avoid being irrational. Sometimes, insecure people like you see ghosts where there aren’t any.


If you start counting up all of the money you’ve had to shell out for this person, you’ll be even more enraged. You’re going down the wrong path with this type of reaction, remember that no one forced you to bring these expenses upon yourself.

Brushing it off and thinking to yourself that it’s just money won’t comfort you at all. By nature, Pisces like to save as much money as possible. Those birthday presents that you gave them and that you never received in return will especially hurt. But, it won’t do you any good to cry over this now.


Today your throat will be bothering you and this might turn out to be a good thing because it will keep you from lashing out so much at everyone. The fact that your regent planet is so far away along with the influence of the cosmos is making you feel this way. You’re hysterical, in an awful mood, and you’re even starting to believe things that aren’t true.

You’ll have to keep yourself from talking too much if you don’t want to end up losing your voice over the next few days. Keep some cough drops handy and drinking some tea with honey might also do the trick. Apart from this, try to keep quiet when possible.