Pisces Astral Horoscope for Friday 23rd March by Magic Horoscope

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In love, you’re the most romantic sign of the zodiac, but sometimes this does you more harm than good. Also, you make a lot of mistakes, especially when it comes to giving others advice.

With your idealized vision of love, you are capable of going against any argument or strategy that justifies cutting off a relationship that doesn’t meet your strict expectations.

You’re an extremely empathetic person and this means that a lot of people seek your advice. In real life, not everything is a theory and sometimes there are theories that are so easy to put into practice. Before you push someone into making a decision, make sure that it’s a wise one.


Something as simple as finding a bit of time to do your weekly shopping will seem so fundamental. You’ll have that feeling that you’ve been able to make good use of your time, and this will be more important than ever during this transitional period. Everything seems chaotic and your life is full of changes.

This act will be the thing that brings everything back together and calms you down. If you really focus, you could even get most of the tasks done before the day is through.

Once the day is over you’ll feel that you deserve a moment to relax. You’ll feel satisfied knowing that you’ve completed all of your tasks and commitments.


With such high spirits, it’s much easier to let your mind fly off in search of new dreams. Today will be one of those days, and you’ve realized how truly vital a positive attitude is to achieving success.

Good things happen when we really put our minds to it. If we don’t, the likelihood of reaching the top declines at a dizzying rate.