Pisces Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Friday 13th April

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Today you’ll still be feeling a little bit out of place, as far as emotional things go. You don’t understand their way of expressing love and this has you feeling a little perplexed.

It seems like the situation that you’re currently experiencing is just a reflection that’s far from what you’d like to have or what you thought you had. When you leave this area, you’ll feel vulnerable, weak, and lost.

These feelings will pass and it’s the cosmos way of getting your attention. Something’s not right, Pisces.


At work, you’ll be assigned new responsibilities. This will mean that you’ll be faced with a wider variety of new prospects, to say the least. Some of them may lead you to travel, in search of an important agreement, and others, to carry out tasks that you’d never imagined.

In this context, above all, you should try to never miss an opportunity to sign a contract with your clients. This means that you shouldn’t let opportunities escape you, in hopes of finding new ones, as obscure as some of these may seem to you.


Your free time will be put to the test this weekend on several different occasions. Not putting any effort into doing those things that benefit you internally also puts your health at risk.

You should do everything possible to enjoy your free time by doing some sort of activity that allows you to disconnect on a mental level. Lying in bed can be a good way to relax your body, but not if certain thoughts keep swirling around your head.

When you like something and you don’t do it, you’ll feel frustrated. This will be hard for you to deal with. It’s time to clear your mind and enjoy certain moments; the little things in life.