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You’re a little contradictory, Pisces. On the one hand, you seem to have everything under control, but on the other hand, your dates end up being a disaster sometimes. This is what happens when you plan everything on the spot, and you bite off more than you can chew.

On a first date, it’s best to choose a place to get a drink, and then leave things open for improvisation later. Sometimes you just want to show off, especially when it comes to love.

When you start to feel like time is running out on a date, you get nervous and you don’t enjoy it; this gives the person you’re with the wrong impression. Relax and let things take their course.


Having time to rest and recharge your batteries will be key. There are commitments that you’re obliged to follow through with, but then there are others that can be postponed.

Your ability to handle these matters and free up your list of commitments a bit will be of the utmost importance. If you’re unable to do this, you may not enjoy your weekend as much as you could have. If you plan things right, you can rest and meet these obligations.


Be very careful with certain foods and particularly how you combine them. There are additives that can provoke allergic reactions. If you mix these with the wrong foods or in the incorrect way, you could end up experiencing unpleasant results.

It’s best to use your common sense and to avoid crazy experiments. In life, there are some things that are worth the risk; and others that just aren’t. So, leave the strange food combos for another time.

If you really want your culinary skills to stand out; start by learning the basics. In short: you can’t put the cart before the horse, Pisces.