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Pisces Magic Horoscope Prediction for July

Your Horoscope for July 2018
Magic Horoscope July | Editorial Team


Love: July,  the month of wild abandon

The aphelion threatens to diminish your mood, since splitting up your energy is so much more costly when the sun is so far away from Earth.

Fortunately, you'll be one of the signs that will handle this the best, and if you put effort into this, you may not even feel this in its entirety. A big part of this is thanks to the great planet Jupiter, that will be spot on when it comes to your truths and improving your capacity to communicate.

This will be a month of emotional alternatives, being able to enjoy very good weeks and others where you'll be in crisis. Your attitude will be key when it comes to facing setbacks and making the scales tip towards happiness.

However, you'll definitely notice a significant increase in your libido, that will practically turn into a wild beast. Make the most of this to experiment with everything that you can and to make the fantasies that you've been hiding in your box of secrets come true.

If you're in a relationship, watch out for the 3rd of the month, because someone may try to intervene in your relationship. Even so, you should show your partner that you trust him or her and avoid putting on a show that you already know that they won't like.

Besides this small setback, July will serve you to have more faith in your relationship than ever, improving your communication and making you feel much more united.

However it is true that there will be a small hitch later on in the month, but if you both want to, you'll come out of this situation stronger than ever.

If you're single, you'll be infinitely attractive, and you'll be surprised by the people that are attracted to you wherever you go.

But, be careful since what comes up quickly, goes down with even more speed. So if you don't put on the breaks a little and act with your head, you'll end the month even more alone and lost than ever. That's not what you want, right, beloved delicate Pisces?

Money: An ideal time for job opportunities

Throughout the month several different options to change and improve your professional life will present themselves. It's up to you to take advantage of these or to stay just like you are right now.

Obviously, if you decide to make the change, you'll feel a bit scared. But that's normal, uncertainty comes included on the path to success. In the end, this is what makes life interesting.

So, during the first half of the month, you'll have the chance to take a new direction in your career or receive better benefits in your current position.

Keep on giving it your all, since no matter what you do, you'll need to force yourself to be brave and put in all of the effort that you can.

But, you won't just have the opportunity to improve your finances through work. The cosmos especially favor investments and gambling. If you don't know much about these things, it could be a good idea to think about getting an advisor.

Be especially careful starting halfway through the month, since the last weeks could be more comparable to January's uphill battle. Get in the mindset that you need to start saving and don't buy yourself any more treats than necessary.

You've been wanting to make a radical change in your life for a long time now. This could be because you don't feel happy in your current situation, or simply because you want more than what you've got. In either case, you can achieve this if you have the right attitude and take proper measures.

Health: Totally new and improved

Lets say that you'll start out the month as one person, and you'll finish it as someone totally different. This will bring about a personal crisis and self-doubt, but the results will be worth it.

The most important thing is that you'll learn to practice positive thinking, as long as you really want to improve your life in a big way and in all aspects. If you don't, you can just stay the way you are. This isn't as exciting, but you won't have to face any risks.

This month of July, you'll go above and beyond in all matters. This could lead you to gain a few kilos. But, don't worry, this means that you're in good health and in a wonderful mood.

As the month goes by, you may start feeling attracted to the spiritual world. And this is a good thing, because it may help you to extend your already flexible mind even further and to reap success that you wouldn't have been able to in any other way.

Even so, don't think that changing your mindset will be an easy task. This requires commitment, concentration, and a lot of work. But it's really worth it, because if you're able to do it, you'll change your life completely, and you'll start attracting just what you're truly interested in.

July will also serve you to carry out an in-depth analysis of the people around you. Although your intuition tends to be key in this aspect, the combination of intellect will make your conclusions be even more spot on.

So, open your eyes and decide what relationships you'd like to change and how. Then, get to work. In the end, the important thing is changing your life, and sometimes this improvement means letting go of toxic people that cross your path.