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Pisces you should be careful with the way you act with this person that you’re interested in. For someone that doesn’t like to feel controlled – and less, if this person still doesn’t know you well – contacting them all day long could turn into a real nightmare.

In order to seduce someone you need to be interested yet slightly disinterested, almost in equal parts. It’s fine if you don’t talk one afternoon or even for a whole day: we all have things to do and too much focus on this could seem inappropriate.

Given the circumstances, your goal should be to play hard to get: sometimes, showing a little bit of independence or even indifference could awaken the interest of this person in you. Remember that giving too much, especially in the beginning, could seem overwhelming.


Sundays are good days to take a look back and see what you’ve spent over the course of the week. This will serve you to establish an average weekly budget, which will help you to divide your earnings up more equally.

This way, you’ll probably be able to at least reach the end of the month without noticing excessive changes in your accounts. Spending all of your money within a few days isn’t precisely the best way to guarantee success.

You need to realize that the month is made up of four weeks and what you spend today, will be what you won’t be able to afford tomorrow. If you apply this philosophy correctly, you’ll be able to manage your finances much more successfully.


Sometimes you’re much more negative than others. You shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that you’re considered the negative one in your friend group. Focusing just on situations that could be considered “sad” keeps you from being able to appreciate the positive things.

Thinking that there’s always someone out there that’s worse off than you are isn’t doing you any favors either, if this is the advice that you’ve been given by people around you. Because you like to help others, knowing that someone else is going through hard times is something that makes you uneasy.

Today, however, you may be able to realize just how lucky you are. The most unexpected person will help you to see things in a new light and they’ll offer you a perspective that really fits well with your point of view.

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