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This week will start off with an internal battle that will drive you crazy. On the one hand, your sensitive side will start challenging your serious side. Sometimes you’ll be feeling particularly sensitive and it will seem like just about anything, as small as it may be, will affect you.

On the same note, you’ll find that you easily get into a bad mood. These changes will pop up everywhere, even your partner will notice. Before you explode, hold yourself back and count to ten. This side of your personality that you’re about to show isn’t pretty, Pisces.


Having more money in your bank account also means knowing how to manage it. You may welcome something new into your luxurious world of expensive belongings once you realize that you have more than enough money to afford it.

As soon as you see that you have a little bit of extra cash, you don’t hesitate to spend it. You have no trouble pulling out your credit card. These cravings could repeat themselves time and time again throughout your life, Pisces. You need to change your attitude.

You don’t necessarily have to tighten your belt, but it wouldn’t hurt to save a little bit of money either; just in case hard times come knocking again.


Signing up for theater or some other type of art classes may be surprisingly fulfilling for those born under the Pisces sign. One of your main motives when it comes to choosing an activity to participate in is the degree to which you’ll be able to surprise yourself and experience new feelings.

When you feel the need to do something different that pushes you to learn, this will be your best alternative. You may discover a new hobby that you’re spectacular at, and you may even make new friends.