Pisces Magic Horoscope for 7th April

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When you look at yourself in the mirror you feel incomplete, as if a partner’s company could fill this hole in your life. It’s easy to realize our best qualities when we’ve got someone by our side that brings these out, but this is a task that we should learn to carry out on our own.

A relationship grows and gets stronger as time goes by, and the people that form a part of this evolve as a result. If you’re not capable of bringing out the best in yourself, then it will be hard to get someone else to do this for you.


A major obstacle could put your checking account in jeopardy. Sometimes some of our possessions may break, and we’ll have no choice but to deal with this expense.

Getting your vehicle fixed or a forced repair in your home due to damage could turn into the protagonists of your weekend, and your main headache as well.

Sometimes we can foresee these expenses, Pisces, but other times we’re just forced to figure out how to deal with them. That purchase that you were thinking of making will just have to wait.


The secret to having healthy skin is consistency. If you start a treatment and you suddenly stop doing it, of course, you’ll never see its true effects.

It isn’t about spending all of your savings on the best product, but rather maintaining a strict routine.

For example, washing our face in the morning and before bedtime is necessary to extract the toxins and grease that has built up over the course of the day or while we were sleeping. In doing this, there’s nothing more effective than a mild soap and water. If you try this for a few days, soon you’ll start to notice the results.