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Pisces Astral Horoscope for Sunday 1st July by Magic Horoscope

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The cosmos have been warning you for days: low times are coming. But don't blame yourself, this will be the consequence of something that will happen in the next few days. 

So, you should take the coming weeks as an incentive to take part in the experiences that you've been putting off for a while now.

Let yourself be guided by your Piscean intuition that's always spot on, and prepare yourself to open your heart to new emotional experiences.

If you have a partner, now is an ideal time to innovate and try new things.

Your libido will be through the roof and it will serve you to discover new horizons.

Also, your partner in life will be thrilled with your surprisingly wild spirit. 

If you aren't in a relationship, you should get exercising... Because you'll need to be in tip top shape very soon!

A busy time is approaching, and the dry spell that's been giving you such a headache recently will finally come to an end.


The aphelion will accentuate the feeling that you're out of place.

But don't panic, because the full moon's influence is still affecting you a little and seems to be avoiding fading away. 

It's a good time to make decisions that may seem drastic, but really, they're not as far-fetched as you think.

The cosmos are playing in your favor, although you may not realize this and you can hardly sense it. 

So, face this situation the right way, and don't look back. 


Remember that fear is the only thing that stands between you and happiness. 

Don't let it get the most of you since a heart as sensitive as yours can be truly impacted by things such as these.

Face the adversities and keep moving forward. Also, don't hesitate to ask for help if you are ever in need. 

You're surrounded by amazing people that want to see you shine, and that miss your energy that's hidden behind years and years of suffering and deception.

But, just because it's hidden, doesn't mean that it's gone forever. You just need to heal your wounds and keep moving forward, the rest will come on its own.