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When a rose grows thorns you can handle it in three ways: try to cut them off, stay far away from them, or look at them from a different perspective and accept their existence.

If something’s not going well in your love life, you should try talking it out. This way you can attempt to change the behaviors that are bothering you or try to be more understanding of one another.

In your case, getting away from this person and breaking up with them would be a rash decision. All couples go through highs and lows. If at this point you’re ready to give up on them already, this goes to show that you don’t really feel the way you said you did about them.


Take advantage of the opportunities that you have at your workplace, and don’t forget to bring your experience and contacts from this job to your next position. It’s important to maintain relevant contacts and keep good relationships with some of your coworkers.

These will come in handy to improve your overall status not only at your new company but also in your sector as a whole. The cosmos will unveil a series of incredible opportunities for you that will bring you to the top in your sector. You’ll do great things and some things that even seemed impossible to you before. Now you have one goal to start the week out with.


Thanks to the influence that the cosmos will have on Pisces health starting today, health issues such as wounds, burns, or fractures will heal more quickly than usual.

You’re feeling revitalized and in tip-top shape; you’re like the energizer bunny. You’re receiving an avalanche of positive energy that’s entering your body and restoring your being to its best state. It was about time, wasn’t it?