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The aphelion is coming. You may not notice it because you're a little low on energy, but with a little bit of willpower and positivity, you can fix this.

It would be a good idea to look for resources that help you to improve mood whenever you need to the most.

A playlist of cheerful songs, watching your favorite sitcom, meditating...These are just a few examples of the infinity of possibilities that you have at your fingertips to nip your low energy levels in the bud.

Helping someone in need is another way to feel useful and attract good vibes.


If you're in a relationship, you'll be in the mood to share more intimate moments than usual.

Use your imagination and surprise them, this way they'll be even more addicted to you and they'll really never want to let you go.


If you're single, you may not be in the mood to party over the course of the next few days.

But keep calm, your mindset is likely to change soon. 

And meanwhile, enjoy everything that you can and do what you really feel like doing!


A period is coming where you'll be feeling more open to a trusting, optimistic, and generous life.

It's a good time to make your aspirations and initiatives come true, as long as you don't let pessimism or an ill-temper takeover.


Don't forget that matters of money aren't just work-related and that there are many other ways to earn some extra income.

Use your wild imagination to find other ways of acquiring resources. You'll be surprised.


The new cosmic transit could lead to weight gain because you're likely to fall into overeating soon.

But not just when it comes to eating, also drinking and other types of pleasures could play an important role. 


Soon you'll be feeling extremely happy, and you'll open yourself to new experiences that will be very beneficial for your being.

Through this, you'll be able to improve your current reality, as well as your future possibilities.