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When things don’t feel right in bed, something is seriously wrong. For you two it seems strange if intimate time together seems forced and unnatural. Today you won’t be able to get that one thing that happened out of your head.

It was probably just a fleeting moment that you shouldn’t worry about too much. If you’re single, remember that you shouldn’t focus too much on other’s opinions or let them impact your decisions too much. You’re the one that should choose the person that you want to share your life with.


Currently, the work environment isn’t exactly the best if you want to ask for a promotion or a change of departments, internally. However, it will still be favorable as far as projects and deals go.

In other words: as far as your duties and goals go, everything is just fine and it will continue along this way, but now’s not the time to push things further.

As for all of those Pisces that are hoping to land a new job, they should spend the better part of the day today preparing a speech. If they want to be successful in the selection process they’ll need to have this ready.


The position of the cosmos will be favorable and help you to overcome a fall, a surgery, an accident, or some sort of injury. What would take others a long time to recover from, for you will just take a few days. You’ll amaze everyone with this quick improvement, including yourself.

On the other hand, you’ll feel less stressed out and more relaxed once you truly grasp all of the things that you’ve been able to resolve or complete.

Having everything in order will also help you to achieve the peace of mind that you like to be able to enjoy.