Full Pisces Magic Horoscope for Wednesday, 11 April

Full Forecast for Today, Wednesday
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For you, from the start, commitments mean getting a set of rules that you’ll be forced to follow. But, really, have you ever considered the fact that you also have the opportunity to set your own rules and asked them to be followed?

This is the other side of things that you hadn’t considered, Pisces. Today you’ll have the opportunity to set some limits and discover just how important you are to this person according to how they react to these expectations.

If you got a written contract saying that they love you, everything would be much easier. However, this has yet to happen.


Sometimes when you want to save a little extra money, you make the mistake of taking out cash and keeping it at home. Then you tell yourself that you won’t spend it.

The truth is that sooner rather than later you’ll end up spending it, and even if you use it towards necessary payments, you’ll never save extra money this way. Knowing that you’ll get paid in a few days relaxes you, but there’s still a while until you get paid.

That’s the way things go, giving part of your earnings to someone to save for you could be your best option. But, be careful when choosing who to give this to, you might not get it back.


If you could be in two places at once, this would take care of a lot of your problems. If this happened, scientists would probably also come running to do a million tests on you to find out how you got this ability.

Realizing your limits is both positive and negative. If you were given a chance to organize yourself and put your commitments on a schedule, this would mean that you wouldn’t be able to go to certain appointments or meetings. Your logistic skills will be put to the test today, Pisces. Stay alert.