Magic Horoscope Brings You Your Pisces Future from the Stars for this Coming Monday

Horoscope Forecast for Today, Monday 30th April
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You still haven’t realized that your attitude has become too radical, Pisces. You’re going to invest all of your efforts in your partner, thinking that playing the all or nothing game is the only way to meet your goals.

Soon you’ll be just as likely to break up with this person as you will be to commit yourself even more to them. All of this will depend on how they react to your insisting behavior. You’re calling attention to yourself because something is missing, but you’re not sure if this is coming from your partner or yourself.

On the other hand, single Pisces should be very careful to avoid falling into the temptation that they’ll be faced with today. In any case, focus and don’t waste any more of your time.


In your mind, money keeps falling from the trees, Pisces. But, you don’t have access to the mint any longer. The truth is that everything that you achieve is the fruit of your efforts, and you should learn to value this more.

This attitude could lead you to experience an unexpected event and it will be hard to accept. Maybe this is the only way that you’ll ever learn, and you’ll finally pay the price for all of this.

They warned you that wasting your money could cause problems but this fell on deaf ears. Taking on an extra job during the weekends or contributing to a second project occasionally could be enough to resolve this matter.


Your emotions shift from one extreme to the next and they are extremely unstable. It could pour rain and the sunshine could come out all during the same day, and this is the result of your emotional problems. You might find yourself breaking into tears suddenly without warning.

The fact of the matter is that you’re one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac and your emotions will manifest themselves this way inevitably, so don’t feel like you need to hide this.

You may find comfort in someone close to you, and they’ll give you a good piece of advice. It’s best if the people around you really know you, this way they won’t unwillingly hurt you.