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Monday January 29th Pisces Stars Prediction

Pisces: the stars prediction
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After a breakup caused by you, the thing is that you feel free to do anything. It’s not precisely nice that you show up in the street with your new flirt, so respect other people’s feelings and try not to create a negative image. Your family don’t share one of your last decisions and it’s likely that, because of your facts, they no longer apreciate you. However, you are the most important and, though they don’t stop blaming on you, they’ll end up giving you all their support. 


You’re looking very carefully at what you spend, but there are still little details which seem unnoticeable but help saving money at the end of the month. Instead of taking the coffee in that posh café, use the coffee machine at work. Get rid of these habbits now. Going back to work is not a big problem not because you’re uncapable of finishing your tasks, but because a social uncapability in you whenever you say something. You’re a mess using your colleagues’ feelings. Give them more advice. 




You’ve had a really pleasant Sunday as for health, but Monday seems different. Stress will be really unnecessary and harmful, so try to keep a light diet not to make the problem bigger. On the other hand, it’s not a good day to do any exercise at all as you’ll end up very exhausted. Instead of this, do some stretching. Anither option is to run your own gym if you have enough money. 



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