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The Sunday January 21st Pisces Stars Prediction

Pisces: Your Star Sign Revelations
Pisces: Your Star Sign Revelations |



After a few hours spent outside the house and forgetting about your current relationship status, it's time to bring things back into reality. Your partner and you are too alike as to give up by this point.

However, at any second now you'll get a blast from the past, a call that's not coming at the best moment. This will make you think twice about things, no matter how bad you want to set the relationship straight.

You've been spending more time with family, and now you see they've always been there for you. It's time to give back some love with a present or by doing something nice for them.


Money doesn't make the world go round so much anymore, and that overtime period at work isn't worth it. Your own happiness comes first, and you start appreciating that precious little free time you've got. Even though you may not get so many news from your boss, you might want to start negotiating your contract around to make your trip to work less tedious.

Bills are starting to come in. After a not-so-merry Christmas, the upcoming bills and payments are starting to take your breath away. Add some humour into the equation; everyone's going through the same thing, after all.


Pisces' health is at stake because of an unavoidable issue. Even though sorrow's looming around, at least you're feeling more happy-go-lucky than usual. Sick, but… always smiling! That's the way to go!

Sunday will be a day for resting and there won't be any sudden changes coming. Also, you'll see there's ideal weather for a walk in the park, and this will be perfectly timed with your attempt to deal with such a complicated period. It was about time, wasn't it?

Be careful with that foul food enemy which gave you a hard time and you couldn't find just yet.