Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - PISCES | Magic Horoscope



During this month, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will be in transit over your house, and this will positively impact all matters of the heart.

Those born under Pisces will feel attractive and confident. Their sensitivity will be enhanced, but so will be their beauty and seductiveness.

Towards mid-April, you’ll see an improvement in your communication. This time of the year is good to clear up any misunderstandings in your relationship. You’ll have a great opportunity to express how you feel and know where you stand with your other half. You might receive a declaration of love. You’ll hear and speak sweet words. It could range from marriage proposals to invitations to go on holiday to things said between the bed sheets.

It will even be a very productive month for those Pisces who dedicate themselves to the arts, especially music, poetry and literature. Your imagination will be stimulated by the planetary alignments and you’ll experience a deep connection with the meaning of life and spiritual love.

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You’ll have plenty of reason to celebrate as you’ll be very stimulated by the stars this month. All of your activities will be energized by the presence of Mars on a mutable sign which will help you, but will also push you to do reckless and rash actions. Abrupt words or negotiations, cockiness and disproportionate movements which can put you in a dangerous position.

If you have to buy or sell expensive goods you should be very careful. Commercial matters are particularly stimulated, and if you get heated or overexcited, you might make fatal mistakes.

Luck will be on your side if you rely on the stability Saturn’s presence will provide.


You’ll have lots of energy, great enthusiasm and a strong will to live which will lead you to enjoy every single moment. Enjoying life is good for your health. But you might struggle with an overstimulated mind, and the anxiety that comes with it.

Calm and focus will be your allies this month.

It will be very beneficial for you if you search for moments of tranquillity to find your centre, if you can’t do it naturally through some relaxation technique, try to at least have a daily nap. Sleep is an excellent therapy for your nervous system.

Your physical weaknesses this month will be infections, fever and accidents such as cuts and burns.