Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - PISCES | Magic Horoscope


The month of January was a bit stirred up, and you were forced to take responsibility for your lack of definition as far as your partner and relationships.

In your social life, Venus collaborates with native Pisceans in their friend groups and guides them towards more positive, fun and sincere relationships.

Those born under Pisces will be open to different types of relationships. This month they might feel more loved and valued. External value raises self-esteem and attracts better experiences.

The positive changes that Pisceans will experience will be related to an improvement in their personality and grounding themselves, which will benefit relationships.

These changes will occur thanks to the planetary transit in their ideals.

This end of the month couldn't be any better for relationships and love. Those from the first decan of Pisces are guaranteed love for years to come.

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This month work commitments will be somewhat less challenging than in January. Natives of Pisces have a highly productive and positive month ahead of them where they'll be able to close conflictive phases.

Things will come to a close without hurting anyone's feelings. Pisceans will be able to detach from their natural tendency to external energetic influences. They'll be able to close doors and have a pleasant feeling of relief and detachment from the unknown.

A new phase will start where you'll be able to express your ideas with clarity.

The projects that you undertake promise economic benefits and even the capacity for savings and growth.

The harmonious aspect of Saturn supports you with a growing capacity for perseverance and concentration that will help you to grow and sustain a new way of earning money promoted by Uranus' harmonious state.

However, Uranus also brings news and unexpected events. Pisces, don't get overconfident and keep a cautious attitude with your expenses.


This month is the best one of the year as far as health and well-being for Pisces natives. You'll enjoy full vitality and well-being.

Your mind will stay clear and active thanks to the presence of Mercury in your sign that makes you inclined to search for theories and spiritual practices or artistic ones that will fulfill your soul.

This same thing could help you to channel your creativity or spirituality and help you to free a massive wave of love and understand some of your psycho-emotional conflicts.

Accessing therapeutic practices is highly favored by the cosmos at this time. Alternative therapies will also be highly effective and help you to heal old blocks.