Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - PISCES | Magic Horoscope

Love: Love and passion will reign in your relationship

You’ll start seeing your partner in a less idealized way. You’ll acknowledge their virtues and defects, you’ll accept them just the way they are and won’t try to change them. But you’ve also changed due to what happened over the past few months, so you’ll probably need to have a serious chat about how you feel and how you see your relationship. This way you’ll be able to head in the right direction.

Once your cards are on the table, the rest of the month love and passion will reign between you in the form of presents, cuddles, kisses, tumbles, erotic games, jokes, and love, lots of love.

If you’re a single Pisces, you’ll find someone with whom there’ll be an instant connection and, if you allow things to flow, it could result in a serious relationship. But an encounter with your first love might prevent that bond from developing.

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Money: It’s not the time to make investments or loans

A colleague will take the credit for a job well done when, in truth, you’re the one who’s actually done it. You need to have a word with them and stand up for yourself. Once you’ve done this, there’ll be good vibes at work.

If you’re unemployed, a phone call will let you know you’ve passed the first stage in the recruitment process for a good job. But they’ll demand proof that you speak a second language.

The second half of November is riskier for investments or lending your money, as anything you put out will never make its way back to you.

In terms of money, you’ll be very zealous with your savings and you’ll only spend the bare minimum.

Health: Your self-esteem will shine this month

It’s the perfect time to quit your bad habits and vices, (such as smoking) as the stars’ influence will help you overcome them.

Your self-esteem will increase as the month goes by, so you’ll have a very positive mindset and you’ll feel happy and proud of yourself.

The only physical ailment that will torment you will be a sore throat at the beginning of the month. Drink some infusions with honey and you’ll get better in no time.

Be careful in the days leading to December, as the activation of Neptune’s influence will make you have vivid premonitory dreams.